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I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


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    Emotions Are A Frequency
    Each human is A COMPLEX SYSTEM of chemicals, hormones, vibrations/frequencies as well as beliefs, programs, emotional addiction and emotional habits.
    The desire to attain a balance and discover the master control so to speak of the emotional nature is an important aspect of each human
    Your emotions are like the sea. They ebb and flow. The sea is affected by the winds, the PULL OF THE MOON, the season. It is important for each human to realize that they can either be in the sea of emotions or riding the sea of emotions.
    Awareness is the boat you build which allows you to ride the emotional waves moment to moment. It is important to realize that you are the boat and not the sea.
    Remember that incomplete, unresolved, suppressed experiences that are triggered by a song, a smell, a memory will dump you into the emotional sea every time.
    GET BACK IN THE BOAT. Remember you are not these emotions. You might feel them, yet these emotions are offering you a clear sign that you are not in your center.
    In your center, in the boat of awareness you are the master control and navigator.
    Each and everything that you personally do that reflects a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation enhances the matrix as a whole. These vibrations keep you in the boat above the emotional sea of turmoil and this allows you to honor your magnificence.
    Copyright © Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness. All rights reserved.
    Share freely, pass along, stay in your joy, gratitude and appreciation.
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    Please watch te movie. Read the message above and then read this….CLEAR? DEUTSCH HIER

    One that has the knowledge about how energy flows is in control of everything and everyone, and that’s WHAT HAPPENS nothing more and nothing less.

    “The War on Women: A Male Feminist Perspective”– J. Adam Snyder

    Why does our culture hate women? While there are some deleterious aspects of our society that target men (washboard abs, have to be tall to get the girl, only “real men” hunt and act like aggressive jackasses etc….), the majority of it is targeted against women. It is never enough for females, constantly being told by our culture since EARLY CHILDHOOD that they are not pretty enough, slim enough, busty enough, light skinned enough, tan enough, blonde enough, curvaceous enough, or any other superficial quality that they feel they are thrusted to abide by in order to be someone worthy of value.
    This sort of cultural policy has lead an entire gender to feel inadequate and made to suffer from body-image issues, the results of which can be severe. In some cases women develop eating disorders, either starving or vomiting themselves to death in the hopes of gaining a presented figure that is impossible as it doesn’t truly exists. Even if a woman is already thin, it’s still not enough as our culture will tell her she needs to change some other feature to be desirable. It never ends, and the sooner we recognize how asinine and dangerous these false “standards” are (for both men and women) the more empowered we as individuals will become.
    It however doesn’t stop at asthetics, our culture also hates women in other facets, such as with sex. If a woman chooses to be sexually empowered, liberated, and proud of her body (something thar all individuals should be, male and female) she is often shamed as a “slut” by our culture. This includes a woman choosing to wear more revealing clothing, which is unfortunately often used to place the blame of rape on the female victim and the contents of her attire. Our culture essentially tells women that it’s wrong for them to feel sexy, yet has no issue with sexually objectifying them in the mainstream media. As long as they are seen as property and not as people, IT’S FINE ACCORDING SOCIETY. LINK WEBSITE


    Ascended Masters informed us our power comes from within us as we are a fragment of Source Energy, a divine diamond light residing within. A monadic being, Adamu, grandfather, of the Pleiades Star System has this to say: “Your power lies within you and I wish to remind you of this fact. I wish to assist you to remember your creator nature. I wish to assist you to remember how to create. And most of all I wish to assist you to cease believing their lies, as regards power. You do not gain power through the political process, or indeed any other process. Power and Light are your most basic nature! All you need to do is to connect with the divine within, to harmonize yourself with the ETERNAL IMMORTAL BEING that you truly are, and to act from that place of magnificence. xxxxx” The moment you can do this, you awaken and knowing becomes innate in your heart.READ MORE
    The only way is up. (Raising your vibration) Some methods to lowering your vibration

    80 Students Removed From Class For Being Unvaccinated: Crossing the Line of Coercion Posted: 13 Mar 2017 05:01 AM PDT
    USA: Highest Vaccination Rate in the World Has the Worst Health Posted: 09 Mar 2017 12:33 PM PST
    CDC Document Bombshell Reveals List of All Vaccine Excipients, Including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and Fibroblast Cells from Aborted Human Fetuses … See the Complete List
    Posted: 07 Mar 2017 07:01 AM PST
    “The Truth About Vaccines” 7-Day Documentary Series Begins April 12th (Free To Watch) Posted: 03 Apr 2017 07:22 PM PDT

    Watch All 7 Episodes For Free Using This Link:
    New “Tell-All” Docu-Series Investigates The “Pro VS Anti Vaccine” Debate So That You Can Make An Informed Decision And Protect Your Child.
    Begins April 12th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific 
    7 Episodes in 7 Days 
    60 Top Health Experts Dive deep into the science on both sides of the debate
    Same producers who brought you the ground breaking documentary education films “The Truth About Cancer”.
    Free to watch and register at the following link…..
    CDC Forced to Release Documents Showing They Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism Posted by Apollo Solaris on Feb 28, 2014 in DING DONG (*) | 4 comments
    Merging Timelines, Merging Selves by Victoria1111 Posted: 17 Mar 2017 02:36 PM PDT
    Globe, Earth, Country, Continents, Many
    The dark ones have controlled this cycle for eons.  Why?  They feed on our lower vibrational energy of fear. Just like the Matrix – we are food for these assholes.
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    “GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE”
    Love & Light ~Apollo

  4. Intention Is a Living Force of Physiology
    ✎ In an ideal world, scientists and artists would work together to help solve the universe’s biggest mysteries.

    Indeed, it was the great British physicist Sir James Jeans who penned the quote heading this article: “The stream of human knowledge is heading toward a non-physical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.” This a view of reality shared today by many physicists. In all probability we will not have all the answers to the true nature of the universe in our lifetimes, but one thing does seem abundantly clear – the old dogmas of material science have been proven relics of the past, and a new concept of a foundationally conscious universe appears clearly to be arising to take its place. And there, in simple terms, rests the case for human consciousness, for our compassion, and the spirit that binds us all. LINK ( click there “ For if the Big Bang “ )
    ✎ Intention Is a Living Force of Physiology
    Even human intention itself, the so-called ghost in the machine, may have an empirical basis in biophotons. ( Same link as above but click on technically speaking)
    EVERY CELL in our body is functioning together for our benefit, for the whole of our bodies. This knowledge is very empowering because we gain the power to influence every biochemical event that occurs in our bodies! The science of epigenetics confirms that our intentions influence our health and cause DNA activation and regulation… So take the time to talk to your cells from the wisdom of your heart for they are certainly listening to what you have to say. “It is only Love that can shine through the clouds of illusion.”

    Dear Ground Crew,
    If things are little topsy turvy for you hang in there! The lunar eclipse from Sunday, February 26, had a whopping impact for many of us. Just look at what happened during the Academy Awards. The wrong winning movie was announced before the real winning movie. This fiasco made me think that we are truly in some time warps. It reminded me of the Mandela Effect where different timelines overlap.
    A friend told me last week what happened to her. She was dog sitting and put the dog outside. She was sitting at the dining room table working on her computer when suddenly the dog appeared behind her. She said she did not get up to let the dog in. She checked all of the doors and they were locked. Go figure! For more information about reality shifting you may go to Cynthia Sue Larson’s website:
    One of the ways that we can tell we are in a higher dimension is the intensity with which we feel what is happening to us. Can you feel it? Here in California we have had flooding, raging waters, potentially breaking dams, extreme cold, potholes, people smoking pot more than ever (Ha ha!), along with a myriad of other extremes.
    Some people may feel they have more reasons to want to distance themselves from this particular reality in which we find ourselves. There is multitudinous changes that can create mental chaos in addition to physical chaos. This is truly the unraveling of the third dimension.
    We are flooded with information through the Internet and mainstream media. It is challenging to know the real truth. Perhaps one of the fundamental ways of determining truth is to listen to your first sense when you read or hear something. Does it ring true? How did it make you feel? Your intuition is your highest intelligence and strongest guidance.
    Too many trolls are making money from naïve people. Many lightworkers have a naïveté about them because they are trustworthy and too trusting at times. Do any of you fall into that category?
    What if I told you that Donald Trump was King Arthur in a past life? Would you believe me? What if I told you that Donald Trump was Mussolini in his past life? Would you believe me? What if I told you that Steve Bannon was Mussolini’s twin brother? Would you believe me? What if I told you that Steve Bannon was St. Germain in a past life? Or what if I told you that Kelly Ann Conway was Marilyn Monroe in a past life? What if I told you Kelly Ann Conway was Mussolini’s girlfriend? What if I told you that Putin was George Washington? Would you believe me? What if I told you that Putin was Stalin?
    You can use these questions to ferret out if there is any truth for you. Okay, you can scratch your head and try to figure it all out or you can go to your heart and see if anything rings true for you. It is kind of like playing the lottery. We have a Scratchers Game here in our California gambling business. You can either win or lose depending upon your luck, and otherwise you can keep on scratching.
    One of the things that concerns me is that some channels and so-called light workers are giving out dis-empowering information. Over 20 years ago I had some experiences that were like this. A couple of them had to do with large sums of money that we were told we would get. It didn’t happen. I know some people are still waiting for these abundance programs to rain upon them. I pray that we do get financial relief, however, it disturbs me to see that some people put their lives on hold waiting for a windfall. This is where the disempowerment occurs.
    “Little by little we subtract faith and fallacy from fact, the illusory from true and starve upon the residue.” This is a poem that I learned my first semester in college. I forget the author’s name but it has a deep meaning.
    As we move into the fourth dimension and higher consciousness we will be centering out lives in our hearts. Many ground crew already live from their hearts.
    It is been proven that the heart is at least 5000 times more powerful than the brain. The Buddhists say, “Think with your heart and feel with your mind.” These times of political turmoil and toxic behaviors can be impactful on our hearts. We must take excellent care of our hearts and respond to heartfelt callings where we can impact what is occurring. A suggestion might be to ask yourself daily: What can I do to assist the earth today? What can I do to make the earth a more beautiful place? LINK WEBSITE

    Conditioned ?

    The Buddhists say, …..
    Not this “Buddhist” Occult Secrets of the Dalai Lama
    Posted: 12 Mar 2017 02:27 PM PDT READ MORE and HERE
    That’s why i said ALL CORRUPTION

    Abel Danger UPDATE – March 14, 2017 Posted: 14 Mar 2017 07:40 PM PDT
    Russian President Says Something About The NWO That Western Media Won’t Air Posted: 18 Mar 2017 10:11 AM PDT
    The Catholic church is ‘shocked’ at the hundreds of children buried at Tuam. REALLY?
    Emer O’Toole
    Kevin Annett 3-31-14… “Massive Deaths of Aboriginal Children in Canada is officially admitted, as Genocide Verdict and Kevin Annett’s work are finally vindicated” Posted by Apollo Solaris on Apr 1, 2014 in MISDADEN KERK EN STAAT | 22 comments
    Mr Ed’s Intel Update via Email – Soft Disclosure – March 17, 2017
    Posted: 17 Mar 2017 03:03 PM PDT
    Received via email from Mr. Ed……..
    Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
    INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Soft Disclosure” 3/16/17
    Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 17-Mar-2017 15:31:59
    INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Soft Disclosure” 3/16/17
    The mess that we are in has been going on for thousands of years and has been perpetrated by alien beings, entities and rogue human / hybrids.
    The cabal has been hiding ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY that is astounding to the world and will eventually be released like Time-Space continuum, light speeds and cycles of the universe which we will have some info on in coming weeks.
    Trump is draining the swamp and the bottom will be reached in 2 months by the end of May.
    There was an open message sent to the Pentagon, FBI and CIA explaining what foreign groups have done to our nation.
    Here is a synopsis: (HISTORICAL FACTS they didn’t teach you in school)
    1. JULY 4, 1776 – Britain begins taxing the colonies 2 weeks after this date.
    2. War of 1812 – Bankers war to acquire American real assets.
    3. CIVIL WAR OF 1861 – There was no declaration or Peace Treaty of this banker attempt to take over America by the British in the north and the French in the south.
    4. Vatican hijack of 1871 – The constitution FOR the united States of America was replaced with the Constitution OF The United States of America INC.
    5. Federal Reserve control by foreign bankers began in 1913 after J.P. Morgan sank the Olympic off of the coast of America and lied that it was the TITANIC.
    Ballard verified it.
    6. WW 1 was started in 1917 to depose the Czar of Russia by the Khazars to rape Russia of its resources which are larger than those of the U.S.
    7. 1930 – BANKERS withdraw money from the system thus creating the Great depression to steal assets.
    8. 1941 – WW 2 another attempt by Hitler and the Vatican to take over Russia…which was thwarted.
    The cabal is zero for 3 if one includes Napoleon’s try at Russia.
    A war today with Russia would be very stupid because they have become technically dominant and can defeat us.
    9. HITLER was financed by the Bushes (Scherff), General Electric, Ford, BAYER, BMW and the Harriman bank of NYC.
    Many Nazis came to America under operation PAPERCLIP.
    1. Remove all rogue elements from the U.S.
    2. Reduce foreign bases from 900 to acceptable levels and perform projects for humanity including cleaning up the planet.
    3. Cease and desist of all technology that is damaging to humanity like Clones, Cern, SUPER SOLDIERS, Artificial Intelligence, Weather Modification, GMO’s, Fluoride and SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS.
    4. Cease black budgets and return money to the people.
    5. Stop the international drug epidemic run by the Bushes and crony bankers who launder their money.
    6. Shut down DHS, NASA, FED and IRS for openers.
    Restore the Organic Constitution and enact De Jure Law.
    7. Discontinue all secret trading with off world entities that kill and eat humans.
    Pedogate is not just perpetrated by humans.
    A large percentage of people don’t understand the massive depth of this problem that has infested earth for thousands of years by secret controllers.
    There are millions of people worldwide involved and many are NOT TOTALLY HUMAN.
    Our success since 1979 was slow initially…however…we have made decent progress in the last 20 years and have been succeeding at a monstrous pace in the last 6 years.
    This proved to be the best strategy because a war against them would lead to 80% casualties on both sides and massive destruction of our infrastructure and food sources.
    The good news is that in around 30 years most or all of the cabal will be dead.
    Just a little NOTE ♬♪ by me…..
    Haha it’s about ‘ in around 30 years”….
    ✎ When the veil lifts. Practice allowing your heart to lead your brain, not the other way around The reason IS THIS. If you do it the other way around “THE REST” (scroll down) will not follow….

    THE TWO FACES OF GOD By Pamela Kribbe … And … The Stars Shining you Home By Luminance River Posted by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on March 22, 2017 at 2:10am in Jeshua Channelings by Pamela Kribbe