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Een aantal jaar geleden heeft deze site de mogelijkheid gehad om u aan te melden en reactie’s te plaatsen. Helaas waren er ook een groot aantal aanmeldingen tussen die bot’s plaatsten op deze site. De server waar deze site gehost wordt raakte hierdoor overbelast. De site is toen tijdelijk uit de lucht gehaald met het verzoek van de provider om de mogelijkheid tot reageren uit te schakelen. Ik heb toen alle aanmeldingen verwijderd en de mogelijkheid om zich aan te melden uitgezet.

Dit is dus de reden dat er geen reactie’s geplaatst kunnen worden op deze site.

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A job to do.

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  1. Hierbij een artikel waar over bots gesproken wordt.

    1 of 2 NOTICE: On Bans and Bots:

    1) TG is a bot run program that floods groups with spam. Unfortunately, it is not a very user friendly experience. This is why, very soon, we will be privatizing this group and moving over to our own website for communications.

    2) We have had to make lists of words that bots will ban to stop heavy floods of spam from ruining the group. If a member posts something with a trigger word, that can result in auto-banning. In our rules we state if that happens, please contact us and we will reinstate your account.

    3) We have 5 active mods just to try and navigate spam, false information, agitators, help customers, answer health questions, control ranty people who have other agendas which ruins group experience, etc. It is a HUGE job and not easy to do. Please respect the mods!

    4) People like to come into the group and flood it with Satanic looking memes, negative and dark energy, unprovable theories that we have already addressed in detail, posts from groups that are non-discerning, spew their rants and bad moods all over the place, project onto members, and generally ruin the user experience.

    5) When they break the rules repeatedly, have been given ample warnings by mods to stop posting garbage, to stop being rude, to stop making incorrect judgments, they are then banned.

    6) Those who have massive ego problems like this and/or are narcissists will go off and slander me or the mods elsewhere (never recognizing their own part that played into their ban), who repeatedly gave them fair warnings. It is very sad and disappointing to me, it is extremely unfair to me as well.

    7) I, personally, barely ever see the drama and bans, I am busy and directed to health questions, which I answer for free, taking a lot of time away from my writing, course making, live videos and other ways I help people. I have amassed a huge amount of free resources on yummy.doctor that most other business people would have behind a huge paywall. I don’t appreciate being slandered by default. My mods do this work for free, so they are saying I need to punish people who are trying to help? So they are saying they DO want things to be run like a cult?

    8) A lot of people have severe poverty consciousness. They believe that natural healers should be poor, that if you earn you are evil. That is their own lack of understanding how to attract abundance into their life which will happen naturally when you stay in alignment, create things of value with the intention of assisting others, when you are not greedy, when you know you are worthy and deserving of good things in your life. Many people also do not realize store prices are in Canadian dollars, again the ego is involved, assuming things in ignorance…I have only recently been forced to up my prices, as inflation in Canada is run-away. They have no idea the losses incurred by being forced to run from attacks, hacks, cancellations, having to split websites, and bend around governments that want me out of the market completely. They do not run businesses, have no ideas about costs, they judge that which they know nothing of. I also see they usually do not back up any of their slanderous claims with evidence, just hearsay.

    Part 2 of 2:

    9) People will lie and slander and hate when they don’t get their way. These are not the quality of people we want to have around us. That is lower ego and what people call “demonic”. They will spew lies about me, my character, call me a cult or controlled op because we are tired of their abuse, abuse they refuse to see in themselves. What we work hard on is keeping controlled op material out of the group (the group which is my own group mind you!), to be a clean resource for people without tricks, confusion, fear propaganda, or about things we cannot prove. People think that curating a platform of truth is censorship, it is the same as saying “stop judging me”. What people forget is that everyone censors and judges information. It is the very nature of mankind to work to discern true from false, to look at a situation and judge it as moral or amoral, something worth their time or not, something helpful or something harmful. So these slanders don’t even make any sense if you just take a few moments to think about it.

    10) If anything happens to you where there is a ban that occurs, just ask me or any one of us what happened and we can explain it to you. Most of the bans are auto-bot bans and can be easily corrected, we keep all conversations as evidence, so we can show anyone where they may have gone wrong. It is not a “cult” to want to curate and control the chaos in a group. Only people who don’t get their way would say such an imbecilic thing. It is not about agreeing or disagreeing either, we have had many debates in this group. The problem is when it turns to logical fallacies, like strawman arguments, ad hominem attacks, data floods and other chaos, we have to step in to control things. Mature debates that are kind are always welcome.

    Here is what a mature person would do if you had a disagreement with someone: you either apologize for your own role in it, or you decide it is not worth your time and walk away. Immature people name call, slander, cause division, make up false stories about them, and try to form a cult of haters to spread more vitriol. That is a real sickness and I hope people like this can get help.

    I actually feel sad that I have to explain this and that people act so unjustly cruel. I worry for the state of minds in our community and how egoic-ally unstable so many are. There seems to be a fine balance between helping people and not getting abused by those we wish to assist.

    Note: By the way, Telegram (TG) deleted one of my mods AG’s account completely. We just woke up one day and his account was gone. We were very upset by this TG crime but thank God, most of his posts remained under a Deleted Account name. It took a while to sort things out and hopefully that never happens again. Another reason we are moving our main communications elsewhere.

    With thanks in truth and integrity, ADV ❤️


  2. Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

    Comments are now disabled on all my articles until Substack fixes the spamming problem
    Substack has a vulnerability that is being exploited by one disgruntled person who wants to promote inappropriate content on my Substack.


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  3. Onderscheidingsvermogen

    Het is weer zover,
    er is weer iemand die
    gebruik maakt van mijn naam
    en mensen berichten stuurt.

    Ik ben het niet en de meeste
    mensen weten dat wel.
    Ik zal je nooit een persoonlijk
    bericht sturen tenzij je mij
    een vraag hebt gesteld.

    Ik vraag je niets te kopen
    en ik doe je geen aanbiedingen
    via persoonlijke berichten.

    Ik heb daar zelf een enorme
    hekel aan, dus daarom zou
    ik daar nooit voor kiezen.

    Het beste wat je kan doen
    is degene die dat doet
    blokkeren en melden als spam.

    Om de zoveel tijd komt het
    toch weer voorbij.
    Maar ik hoop dat je inmiddels
    weet dat ik dat niet doe.

    Liefs Anniek


    If anyone wants to be an administrator and help me with all the spam let me know!


  4. Many people have either been blocked or removed from my channel or chat. Some have settings on their device preventing them from being unable to join.
    I have no idea why that is.

    FIRST: download Telegram from the official Telegram Website, not apple or google play,

    SECOND: clear the cache regularly on your device (Telegram uses up a lot of memory on your device and gets glitchy when the device has not been cleared),

    THIRD: update Telegram on your device,

    FOURTH: check your settings in your setting section. Maybe you have allowed your device to delete your chats or groups if you have been inactive.

    Here is the link to join our private chat, or if you are reading this from my private chat, and have yet to join my main channel as well to receive my main updates, then please do so.

    CHAT LINK: https://t.me/+_PMjPO56FnVkNDI1



    As much as Telegram is great for free speech, it is also full of scammers.

    It has come to my attention again that someone posing as me has contacted people about some investment QFS scheme of some sort.

    I will NEVER contact anyone either offering financial advice or trying to sell anything! Please report them as scammers.

    Thank you! 🙏🏻



    Truth. Faith. Freedom.


    ⚠️⚠️⚠️ scam alart ⚠️⚠️⚠️

    I just heard the scammer/scammers are back using my profile again. If me or soraya messafe you randomly it usually isnt us, especially when they start talking about crypto or investments.

    So if me, Soraya, or any one with the channel picture and name randomly starts talking to you, please delete, block and report them.