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    The Pfizer fraud case is now a *go.*
    Becker News

    ‘See You in Court, Criminals!’ Pfizer Whistleblower Case is Being Taken to the Next Level

    “Pfizer has fought ‘discovery’ in its court battle with Brook Jackson every step of the way. If she is successful in her court hearing in March, this charade will come to…

    Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud Charges Set Out in Mainstream Press For First Time
    by Igor Chudov 18 February 2023 7:00 AM


    De Duitse mainstream krant Die Welt trekt openlijk de toelatingsstudies voor het vaccin van Pfizer/BioNTech in twijfel. ‘De noodgoedkeuring van het mRNA-vaccin is mogelijk gebaseerd op valse data. Pfizer ontwijkt de beschuldigingen en weigert de data te herzien’

    Die Welt publiceerde afgelopen vrijdag een artikel onder de kop ‘Die vielen Ungereimtheiten bei der Pfizer-Zulassungsstudie’. In het artikel – dat achter een betaalmuur is verstopt – wordt bericht dat er steeds meer verdenkingen zijn dat Pfizer en haar partner BioNTech hebben gesjoemeld met de data van de beslissende fase 3-studie, op basis waarvan het product een voorlopige noodtoelating kreeg.

    Lees het hele artikel op de website van blckbx:

    Interessant is dat één van de voorbeelden van prikschade die in Die Welt wordt genoemd, in mei 2022 al op alternative media te lezen was.

    Wat je nu ziet gebeuren is wat moet gebeuren en steeds meer gaat gebeuren. Stapje voor stapje gaan mainstreammedia kanalen toch een beetje anders berichtgeving doen over dit soort zaken.

    Blijf geloven. De waarheid gaat steeds meer boven tafel komen. Dit is weer een stap vooruit. Durf dat te zien, uit liefde voor jezelf en onze toekomst 💚

    Heb een magisch Nu,
    Pim Smit

    Telegramkanaal Pim Smit (spiritueel leraar en channel):

    CONvid was a mass coordinated extermination on humanity & it failed. There is no going back to ‘work at the office’ after your boss & company just tried to murder you & the whole staff — still actively doing so now.

    There are counter measures in place. As bad as it may seem, the DS cult’s plan was much worst BUT we are NOT in that timeline. We are in a timeline of a very RUDE AWAKENING for many everyday humans.

    Humans will realize they’ve been bred, farmed, indoctrinated, harvested, preyed upon & cannibalized since the start of this latest version of modern society. The human prison farm of Earth is being SET FREE & yes it will be chaotic.

    Yes Light Forces are helping humanity — eradicating the old guards. The LIGHT FORCE is WINNING, thus desperate times calls for desperate actions.

    Yes the old guard is doing everything to destroy Earth, cause harm, suffering & death on humans.

    Aware & advanced humans have the ability to stay out of harm’s way — help & assist in this GREAT AWAKENING SHIFT.


    You Defeat The Great Reset, Then What? Pt. 1

    This year marks the 15th year I have been (hopefully) inspiring a conversation based around shifting individual and collective consciousness to embrace a new worldview, and then to re-design society from that new space of being.

    The inspiration for this multiple-part essay came from a comment from a reader. (As a side note, I love reading comments from the community, and it often gets me thinking and creating new content, so keep sharing your thoughts.) Note that this first part is very foundational. I will address many specifics and common thoughts related to global change and solutions as we go.

    The reader’s comment was asking about ‘solutions’ to the many challenges we face on the planet. It focused on the reality of an unelected elite of people who have their own agendas outside of doing what’s best for the public. People who can buy or influence politicians no matter who is in power.

    Within that context, the reader asked things like: How do we have power or a voice when powerful people do whatever they want? How do we resist the Great Reset? What can we do to stop deep levels of corruption as we saw during COVID?

    This reader relays a felt sense that many people have about the state of our world: things are out of control, our systems don’t work, and we are barreling toward a high surveillance, high control, and technocratic future with The Great Reset. People want to know how we move forward in creating a better world.

    I always love these types of questions. I’d say they are million-dollar questions. They are the crux of what many of us have been asking for almost two decades as we’ve investigated the nature of consciousness, economic and political systems, and our way of life and being. Especially if you are someone like myself who believes a better world is possible.

    To be honest, people don’t typically like the answers I believe are the way forward when it comes to these questions. Usually, people stop their inquiry at “everyone just needs to be a good person.” or “A better world will just manifest itself from our consciousness.” I think this happens because that’s what many popular authors have written in their best-selling books. Authors who haven’t sought to truly think about what it will take to ‘get there’ because it’s a big question.

    The good news is this is all changing. People are seeing the old world develop more and more cracks in its armor but can also sense the difficulty that’s likely coming as an old way of seeing the world grasps on for its last breaths. More and more people are curious about how we can move towards re-designing our society, and this is inspiring.

    To attempt to answer the questions from our reader we have to recognize that the truth is our current society is vast and interconnected in how it functions and operates. To avoid extreme chaos, creating solutions will require deep thought and engagement from people who know a more thriving society is possible. We’ll need to build transitionary and flexible solutions.

    Still, to do all this we need to understand what’s behind why our world is the way it is and how we all contribute to upholding it. Aside from being able to clearly define our problem, we also have to have the ability to communicate effectively with one another.
    An Idea

    In order to tackle this discussion I’ll go back to a thesis of sorts I put out in 2014. It’s a set of 4 ingredients I find are necessary within each of us as we prepare to hold the possibility of a new reality and the practical transition steps that will need to be taken to get there.

    I don’t believe my thesis is perfect per se, but it’s the best I have thus far. It’s not a rigid idea that makes everyone ’the same,’ nor is it something I’m saying everyone has to believe in order to see “the way” forward. It’s simply a set of concepts that everyone experiences at some point in their life.

    This thesis came about through reaching hundreds of millions of people through my first project called Collective Evolution. I gained a deep level of insight into what makes people open up, change themselves, and explore new ideas.

    We are all in very different places in how we see the world. You might argue we are at different stages in how our consciousness is evolving to hold a new worldview and way of being. This understanding is important in the context of creating the scale of change I’m talking about.

    The 4 ingredients are:

    Breaking The Illusion

    Breaking The Illusion is coming to terms with the fact that our existing systems are not what we think they are. That what we believe about them is typically gleaned from years of propaganda and stories that act as wool pulled over our eyes so we cannot see or question the truth of what they are.

    We learn The Illusion from family, friends, society, traditions, school, media and government. It is the world we are told to accept. “This is how it works and how it is.”

    It’s true that The Illusion is just a story, but it’s a powerful one that permeates our consciousness and our body. It’s built right into our nervous systems. The good news is humans made up our society based on the culture and worldview we hold and uphold. To change it, we have to crack open that illusion to start wondering what else there can be.

    Examples: The story that mainstream media will tell you the truth is part of The Illusion. Believing that the government is operating in your best interest is part of The Illusion. Believing that pharmaceutical companies put safe products over their own profits is part of The Illusion. You get the picture. People believe in a society that doesn’t do what it says it does.

    Awakening Neutrality (Embracing Uncertainty)

    Here we take a step back, beyond political sides, polarity, ideologies and certainty. A sense of neutrality and uncertainty gives us the state of mind and state of being to be able to ask better questions. We act as sacred scientists truly seeking to understand why something happens – without bias stopping our inquiry.

    What stories, beliefs, and worldviews shape our decisions, societal design, and more? Neutrality and uncertainty help us explore what drives society. Here we start to understand the metaphysics of our current reality and way of being.

    Examples: Moving beyond political sides and ceasing to see our world as black and white is part of awakening neutrality. Stepping out of ideological thinking is part of awakening neutrality. Developing a sense of empathy enough to wonder WHY something is happening or WHY someone does something is awakening neutrality. Always seeking to one-up our competition in debate is awakening neutrality. Instead, we come together in the spirit of synthesis.

    How do our beliefs come to be? Are they really true? Have our environment and systems shaped our behavior? Now we’re asking better questions.

    Deprogramming Limits

    With more neutrality on board we are able to embrace the idea of moving past stories, ideas, and concepts we learned from ‘The Illusion.’ This usually involves engaging in things like personal transformation, changing habits and patterns, healing trauma, exploring our bias’ and more. Nervous system health, embodiment, and wisdom become ways through which we can move past old stories and into holding new potentials for what is possible.

    The Illusion begins to move out of our mind and body, and we create space to allow creativity and our hearts to imagine and develop new possibilities. We let go to make room for something new.

    Examples: We begin to see that our world doesn’t have to have an economic system that has existed in the past, but we can invent a new one – perhaps we see a possibility of not needing one at all. We can embrace a new story of what it means to be human, perhaps one that isn’t built on competition, dominance, and separation, but on connection, cooperation, and thrivability.

    Living Aligned

    Living aligned is like practicing a new worldview regularly and seeking to interact with one another and build our society around a new way of thinking and being. With a new lens of how we see our world and ourselves, gained from the other 3 ingredients, how might we create our society now?

    Here is where we practice having the capacity to collectively synthesize and create new ways of living. We don’t have to spend so much time arguing over political ideologies or which news if fake or not, instead we are now in the space of recognizing we don’t need to protect the old world, but can plan a safe way of moving from where we are now to a world of ever-evolving possibility.

    We don’t need to go back in time to burning wood for heat and every human having to grow fields of food for just their family. We now have the ability to unleash technology in an ethical way that can work alongside a spirit of communing with nature and working together. Financial systems no longer need to limit innovation and access, people can be free.

    Examples: We begin to see that our world doesn’t have to have an economic system that has existed in the past, but we can invent a new one –

    Damanhur: the documentary

    Damanhur is a collection of communities and a worldwide movement with the mission to help humanity recognize its true nature of divinity, and learn to live in balance wit…

  2. Beagle torturer Avatar Fraudci was always the fall guy from day one. Vindication Energy is LITT right now! ⚡️👀⚡️

    U.S. Gov’t Says COVID Most Likely Originated From Wuhan Lab Leak

    Elon Musk Accuses Fauci Of Using Pass-Through Organization To Fund Gain-Of-Function Research

    Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, U.S. Agency Now Says

    WSJ Report: Lab Leak Most Likely Source of Global Coronavirus Pandemic

    Who’s still listening to the Beagle Killer for health advice?

    Fraudci is GONE! Real one been gone — public reveal is still drippin’

    Excess Mortality Goes Mainstream in Earth-Shattering Ed Dowd/Tucker Carlson Interview
    “In 2021, the stats people expected went off the rails.”

    BREAKING: Taiwanese Government Acknowledges Pfizer mRNA Death by Myocarditis of Child, Compensates Family
    The price paid for the life of a young child? ~$114,000 + $9,800 for funeral expenses.

  3. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺

    As the news portal EURACTIV is reporting since yesterday, a Belgian lobbyist has filed a lawsuit against EU-Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. This also involves the president’s entanglements with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, “vaccine” orders worth 1.8 billion euros, and the “deleted” text messages about this behind-the-scenes deal.

    But here’s the kicker‼️

    The lobbyist decided to act after attending a conference in the EU-Parliament last year that I organized together with my French colleague Virginie Joron.

    I’m so happy that our arguments against the fake, globalist elites are now even reaching and convincing people who may have recently been on the other side themselves.

    If I was able to change just one person’s mind with my work – then it was all worth it!

    [Link to article]

    Kind regards,
    Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)


    Wie das Nachrichten-Portal EURACTIV seit gestern berichtet, hat ein belgischer Lobbyist Klage gegen EU-Kommissionspräsidentin Ursula von der Leyen eingereicht. Dabei geht es auch um die Verstrickungen der Präsidentin mit Pfizer-CEO Albert Bourla, „Impfstoff“-Bestellungen i.H.v. 1,8 Milliarden Euro sowie den „gelöschten“ SMS zu diesem Hinterzimmer-Deal.

    Aber jetzt kommt der Hammer‼️

    Der Lobbyist beschloss zu handeln, nachdem er im letzten Jahr an einer Konferenz im EU-Parlament teilgenommen hatte, die ich zusammen mit meiner französischen Kollegin Virginie Joron organisiert hatte.

    Ich finde es großartig, dass unsere Argumente gegen die falschen, globalistischen Eliten mittlerweile auch Menschen erreichen und überzeugen, die möglicherweise vor kurzem selbst noch auf der anderen Seite standen.

    Wenn ich mit meiner Arbeit auch nur einen einzigen Menschen zum Umdenken bewegen konnte, dann hat sich bereits alles gelohnt!

    [Link zum Artikel]

    Herzliche Grüße,
    Ihre Christine Anderson, MdEP (AfD)

  4. Forwarded message
    The Vigilant Fox 🦊
    Christine Anderson: If You Want to Know How 1930s Germany Happened, Just Look at the Past 3 Years

    “There’s a lot of people that think … they would have been in the resistance back then. Well, take a look at what you did in the last three years, and you have your answer,” voiced MEP Anderson.

    “Most of the people would not have been in the resistance back then because they just went right along with everything the government asked them to do.”

    Full Interview:

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  5. Ren je rot.
    Er zijn 3 antwoorden mogelijk.
    Je kiest er een en gaat in
    dat vakje staan.

    Dan wacht je tot het
    lampje gaat branden.
    En dan weet je of je het
    goed had of niet.

    Ik hou van helderheid en
    directheid, zeg het zoals
    het is en kom met
    bewijzen waarom je het
    zegt als het over dingen
    gaat waar onduidelijkheid
    over is.

    Ik volg dr Martin vanaf het
    begin, ik heb alles onderzocht
    wat hij heeft aangeboden en
    heb mijn eigen ingevingen gevolgd.

    Het lampje brandt in mijn vak.

    De harde waarheid komt
    naar buiten.


    EU Parliament COVID Conference. Dr David Martin

    EU Parliament COVID Conference Slams Pandemic Response

    Check out Cristian Terhes channel he is a member of the European Parliament

  6. ‼️
    Nieuws uit Nederland 🇳🇱 12-08-23

    COVID-19 : “The Great Reset – Nederlandse bodemprocedure Persoonlijk letsel”

    Eerste rechtszaak ter wereld (bodemprocedure Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland), waarin eisers met een letselschadeclaim met bewijsmateriaal onderbouwen, dat de Staat der Nederlanden en leidinggevenden de schadelijke Covid-19 injecties door middel van bewuste misleiding hebben gepromoot met als doel het project Covid 19: The Great Reset uit te voeren.

    ❤️Met ontzettend veel dank aan mijn collega’s van⬇️⬇️⬇️—The-Great-Reset-Dutch-proceedings-on-the-merits-personal-Injury:c

    ❤️Het delen van mijn kanaal wordt ontzettend gewaardeerd.


    Mark Sexton, a retired police constable who has been seeking official police investigations into multiple crimes against humanity, has asked people to take simple actions and make a simple statement: James Roguski 21 Jul 2023