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  1. I thought I was cool for getting banned from social media & banks, but getting banned from a whole continent in LEGENDARY! 😜😁😂

    David Icke speech for Amsterdam peace rally that had him banned from 26 countries

    Find Out Why The Entire EU Has Banned David Icke


    David Icke speech for Amsterdam peace rally that had him banned from 26 countries

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  2. Twitter: I finally got a reply on my appeal (click!).

    Twitter is still discriminating against dissidents, so I will hold them accountable in court again. Does anyone know a good Dutch media lawyer?

    I want to find out:
    — Why scientists are still being silenced for telling the truth.
    — Which person is responsible for these emails.
    — Which person(s) were responsible for banning me.

    The names of these perpetrators need to be made public. They need to be made responsible and should not be allowed them to hide behind a “customer service” account.

    Please share this tweet to make Elon and Twitter users aware of how that platform discriminates dissidents:

    Dr. Simon @Goddek

    Dr. Simon

    New owner – same old commie support.

    Fun fact: I was banned for statements that are scientific consensus nowadays.

    What I did was appealing again against their decisi…

    To those who claim we don’t offer solutions, here is one: The easiest way to win this battle is to move people from twitter and Facebook to Telegram.

    When and if Telegram does not work for us anymore, we’ll move elsewhere, but for now it’s already on the radar of the masses. Any other platform is not yet within their horizon. With Telegram it’s realistic to shift them on it, and it’s not already politically or ideologically positioned like Gab or Gettr.

    You don’t even need to argue about vaccines, Bill Gates, the WEF, BIS and CBDCs and Covid19 being a US military operation.

    All you need to do is say that Telegram is the most private messaging option (whether that’s true or not is not the issue here btw., it’s just a way to bypass talking about vaccines to the jabbed, yet get them on here, but Telegram is certainly more private than anything run by Zuckerberg or Musk, especially the “Secret Chat” option). And therefore change the platform people will get their “news” from.

    This is how culture is changed.


    Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar

    Why I Believe in Culture Above Revolution or Why I am an Editor in This Countercultural Telegram Channel – @RobinMG

    1. Gramsci

    “Power, in Gramsci’s observation, is exer…

  3. Now, this IS something you can share in total confidence that no one in your network can call conspiracy theory or misinformation.

    It’s one part of “The Twitter Files”, in which expert outsiders have been granted access to Twitter’s staff communications including those with White House & other agencies.
    The goal was to examine whether Twitter’s misinformation policies were objective and applied consistently, among other things.

    What has been uncovered is that anything considered contrary to official positions was deemed in violation of terms & conditions of use of the platform and acted upon (set to be invisible or actually deleted, the account holder punished by suspension or outright banning).

    I think the examples given are clear cut wrongdoing but they don’t scratch the surface about how pervasive censorship has been and continues to be.
    All mainstream platforms work like this, not only Twitter, but YouTube content as well as comments, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia as well as search engines eg Google, Safari etc & more.

    You literally couldn’t find useful & accurate information by browsing ordinarily on the internet, let alone by watching TV or reading newspapers, because every one of these was being actively watched 24/7 by a combination of AI algorithms and people.
    If you don’t find this frightening, I’m genuinely surprised. It’s absolutely ghastly, a total suppression of free speech, yielding a deliberately frightened population, more likely to be compliant with anything governments wanted to do to them.

    So, please share widely and amplify the supposed season of goodwill to help those still mesmerised by malign planning to begin to accept that we’ve all been lied to.
    The smarter among the mesmerised might resist these Twitter Files revelations, because of their implications.

    “If this internet platform has been subject to extraordinary attention by the authorities, won’t this necessarily be true of all related information sources?
    And if that’s true, what is the reality and what the dickens is going on? How long has extreme censorship been happening?”

    Best wishes

    More Twitter Files dropped! 💥👀💥

    1.THREAD: The Twitter Files


    Twitter Files is now exposing CONvid! 💥👀💥


  4. Op 21 Januari 2021 had ik mijn laatste Tweet verstuurd. De dag daarna was mijn account buiten werking gesteld. Op 17 mei jl is het weer hersteld.

    Op mijn andere site staat een uitleg wat er zich op cosmisch niveau aan het afspelen is. Ik ben van mening dat nu anno 2023 er weinig mensen zijn die daar iets van begrijpen en dat kan ik niemand kwalijk nemen. Omdat het overgrote deel er weing van begrijpt zal de chaos alleen maar toe gaan nemen en dat is voor mij de reden dat ik Twitter wel zal gebruiken maar me meer een beetje op de achtergrond houd(t)

    Dit is de uitleg met link 👇🏽

    Let’s try to put some things together 👇🏽

    Verder wens ik u een fijne vrijdag toe.