The Pivot to Africa

Wonder why the AFRICOM pivot to Africa? Check out this map.

The Pivot to Africa

The Startling Size, Scope, and Growth of U.S. Military Operations on the African Continent

I mean, what’s a Military Industrial Complex Empire to do when it runs out of territories to conquer? Oops. I forgot about Ukraine and NATO’s new “Cold War” demonization of Putin. And oops! I forgot about the ongoing multi-state Middle East imbroglio. And oops again! What about the over 1000 U.S. military bases world-wide? Hey, and how about the black ops space programs?
On my way back from Louisiana, I drove by two roadside “attractions” on I65, both in Alabama, near Huntsville, as I recall. Hmmm. Google it: the Redstone Arsenal? One installation was a missile, standing straight up. Huge, lethal, glorious, to some eyes. The other a small helicopter, brown, typical. Both set up as memorials? But wait a minute. Both types of programs are still alive, right? 
And then, at the end of my 12-hour drive, a small, unobtrusive sign pointed from the newly constructed I69 to “NSW Crane” (stands for the humungous “Naval Surface Warfare Center”), only 30 miles or so from Bloomington, and an economic powerhouse for the Indiana economy. Hmmm. I just googled “NSW Crane,” and it took me to the official website, but I now need to log in with a password. That’s new. What’s up?

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