The Impossible Hamster | We beginnen te beseffen dat er iets niet klopt.

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I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


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  1. Van Liefferinge legt uit dat we ons collectief laten beroven van onze vrije tijd en energie. “We zitten allemaal, als dolgedraaide hamsters, gevangen in ACHTERGEHAALDE DOGMA’S die onze regeringen blijven verdedigen: economische groei en banen.” Heel kort en simpel samengevat. We verzinnen PRODUCTEN en werkzaamheden om iedereen aan HET WERK te houden. Of met andere woorden BEZIG HOUDEN. Dat het producten zijn die overbodig zijn is even niet relevant. Hoofdzaak u bent bezig. Vandaar DIT FILMPJE. We moeten onze kijk op de dingen een beetje gaan veranderen. Op zich is het niet zo heel ingewikkeld. LINK

    “GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE”
    Love & Light ~Apollo

  2. Apollo Solaris maart 13, 2015 (Edit) Partij voor de Dieren Nieuwsbrief 2015 ­ # 3 ­ Help mee campagnevoeren! PDF LINK.
    Zelf heb ik weinig met politiek en de reden waarom doe ik in diverse blog’s TOT IN DE PUNTJES voor u uit de doeken.

    “GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE”
    Love & Light ~Apollo

  3. Urgente oproep
    451.666 medeburgers hebben er voor gezorgd, dat we woensdag 6 april kunnen stemmen. Laat hen niet in de kou staan. Veel burgemeesters en wethouders WERKEN NIET MEE en veel gebruikelijke stemlokalen blijven gesloten. Hierdoor zullen heel veel mensen die weinig tijd hebben, geen vervoer hebben of slecht ter been zijn niet kunnen stemmen.
    Dus als u wèl kunt stemmen, ga dan stemmen. En als u geen mening heeft of GEEN IDEE heeft waarover het gaat, stem dan blanco, want daarmee helpt u de benodigde opkomst van 30 procent te halen! Zo laten we in ieder geval zien, dat we inspraak willen bij belangrijke besluiten! LEES MEER

  4. Ik denk dat we het nog niet echt beseffen maar met een beetje GEDULD gaat het helemaal goed komen….

    Beetje vergelijkbaar met sparen voor je oude dag wat ik HIER een beetje voor u uitleg….Twijfels
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    Als er een moment komt dat je gaat twijfelen en denkt waar doe ik het allemaal voor, onthoudt dan dit. Je doet het voor je kinderen. Iemand moet het stokje toch overnemen?
    Wat met het stokje bedoeld wordt staat HIER een beetje uitgelegd. Zo ziet u maar ik ben de beroerdste niet. Ik snap het is lastig om de keiharde waarheid onder ogen te zien maar dat is gelukkig maar tijdelijk…..

  5. Cognitive Dissonance (Entire article can be found HERE LISA RENEE – CONSENT – 2/2017
    Currently the earth and all inhabitants are subjected to hidden and obvious mind control technologies used to increase cognitive dissonance that socially engineer the collective consciousness consent to accept the Death Culture, in order to continue to accept world slavery and parasitism. Most people on earth would not give their consent to be slaves or to be used for energy, so they are mind controlled to stay in denial, survival or escapism to avoid seeing this painful truth. Consumer marketing campaigns capitalize on cognitive dissonance by framing their advertising in such way that the easiest magical solution to reduce pain or discomfort from problems is to buy or support their product or propaganda.
    Through media bombardment they consistently form positive associations to the negative behaviors of the death culture in order to increase cognitive dissonance in the way people think, which increases suggestibility and gullibility into programming. People that are highly suggestible are programmed in such ways that directly impact the unconscious formation of doublethink into socially acceptable belief systems. This is purposed to covertly, yet directly stimulate the unresolved conflicts in the instinctual and unconscious mind’s reactions, eliminating critical thinking, common sense, consistency and coherent thoughts.  This way people are led to associate the negative belief systems being propagated, with the positive associations being programmed for them.  
    When the actions or results of those associations are actually entirely negative and spiritually destructive to them. As an example, why would humanity endorse the death culture when its purpose is to enslave and kill members of the human race? This is cognitive dissonance in action, the deliberate ignoring and denial of the war over consciousness on the earth in order to avoid conflicting thoughts.
    This further influences and shapes what the collective unconscious creates as the main value system in society, which reflect what type of external structures people have given away their consent to. Because money and materialism are highly valued by the masses, this is the area in which most people give away their power of consent.
    Doublethink produces lack of coherence and inconsistency in one’s thoughts, which is similar to the state of cognitive dissonance. People that are mind controlled with cognitive dissonance or doublethink, refuse to acknowledge what is in plain sight or right in front of their eyes in full evidence, because they are still clinging to denial and self-deception generated from fear and pain avoidance.
    Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable tension that exists when holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time, or it is the tension that exists between the actions of the mind, and the actions of the heart.
    It is the state of incoherence or inconsistency within our thinking, when conflicting thoughts surface into the mind and cannot be reconciled, clarified or neutralized. Therefore, the state of cognitive dissonance usually brought on by negative ego pathology, manifests as a range of psycho-emotional-spiritual conflicts that impact the functioning of body, mind, heart and spirit. Many people misplace their consent through the mental state of cognitive dissonance, because they do not know the core spiritual self, and thus their consent is given away through the confusion they have with conflicting belief systems.
    When a person makes decisions that are based in self-deception or group deception, they are basing their consent on the beliefs that the deception is true or going along with the popular opinion because it’s easier. This is the way to manufacture consent in the masses through the setup of the Imposter. Because a person is consenting to something that represents itself or markets itself with propaganda, as something other than what it really is. When we believe manipulated lies as truth, we give up critical thinking, common sense and intuition that help us make informed decisions about where we place consent.
    As an example, if we believe the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the medical authority given to preserve public health and they recommend to doctors that 69 doses are scheduled for each child, we may give away parental consent for our children to be injected in harmful doses, over our own common sense and intuition. Do we believe the CDC demonstrates ethical conduct and is sincerely concerned about public health and serving the people, or are they a corporate shill?  Are they profiting from the billions made by the pharmaceutical companies serving the NAA? Where has our consent and authority been placed in this circumstance and what are the common sense reasons why we should be questioning it?
    Dissonance between the Ego and Heart
    Cognitive dissonance happens commonly between the beliefs of the ego mind, and the core beliefs or truth that exists within evidential facts as considered through the open heart and spiritual intelligence. If we ignore our spirit, and go against our heart intelligence to give consent to the ego intelligence, we create cognitive dissonance in our thinking which manifests as unresolved conflicts that generate energetic blocks in our pain body. These blocks are created when consciously aware of dissonance, or unconsciously reacting to dissonance through uncontrolled impulses. Dissonance or uncomfortable tension that we feel is very strong when we believe something about ourselves and then perform an action that is against that belief.
    Dissonant based tension and anxiety is much more powerful when there are conflicts about our self-image, who we believe we are, and what we identify with as our personality. The more dissonance, tension or mental anxiety we feel, the more attachment and dependency we have to defining our self-image based upon those sets of beliefs.
    Mental anxiety produced from cognitive dissonance magnifies considerably in relation to how important the subject is to us and how much we identify with it. It also relates to how polarizing the opposing thoughts are that are in conflict within us, and our inability to rationalize, explain away or resolve the conflict. This makes it clear that confirmation bias and self-justification through ego defense mechanisms are commonly used to explain away the conflicts, in order to make people feel instantly better. People will ignore evidence that is contrary to their own beliefs, in order to preserve their mental beliefs that have become important to their personality, and to avoid feeling the tension of conflicts. It takes personal dedication to honestly face internal conflicts in order to evolve past cognitive dissonance and into the higher clarity of discerning resonances.  
    This means asking equally if we are being lied to through mass manipulation, or if we are lying to ourselves to avoid a painful truth.  In either case our consent is not in alignment to Universal Law, and we can feel this through our heart intelligence.
    In order to resolve mental tension and inner conflicts that results from cognitive dissonance, one must first recognize that they have the power to make different choices. In taking responsibility for the choices they make, they can learn to change the way they think and change their behavior in ways that restore coherence and consistency.
    In this way by resolving or removing issues of cognitive dissonance (mental anxiety from inner conflicts) they become more coherent and consistent in their thoughts, which allow for better choices to be made with the power of their own consent.  When people remain in cognitive dissonance and they refuse to take responsibility for their choices to resolve conflicts, the negative consequences of dissonance are that it attracts more dissonant or negative energies.
    Our thoughts shape our beliefs, which inform decisions about where to place consent. So the process of cognitive dissonance becomes the basis for how we evaluate situations and make decisions. It is the central mechanism by which we perceive or experience differences that we encounter in the world. Once we become more self-aware, we evolve beyond egoic levels of cognitive dissonance and into choices based on deep inner feelings of nonjudgmental personal resonances, which is the higher sensory language of the heart and spiritual intelligence guidance system.
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