Spirit World | The Alien Kabbalah

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Spirit World 2 The Alien Kabbalah with Chris Everard (Enigma.TV) 1/5 LINK

Documentary directed by CHRIS EVERARD. It includes a BONUS DISC with director interviews discussing ritual swords, magical ceremonies, druidism, baphomets and an on-screen tribute to American film director stanley kubrick. SPIRITWORLD Vol.2: THE ALIEN KABBALAH explains how for several decades, occult groups have used ceremonial magic and hallucinogens to foster trance-states and telepathically connect with beings in other parts of the cosmos. Backed up with vintage film footage, photos, interviews, documents and more than four years of research, SPIRITWORLD: The Alien Kabbalah takes the viewer into the secret world of the MORMONS, and exposes the fact that Joseph Smith used rituals and sigil-symbols learned from old European books of demonic magic in order to converse with beings in the spiritworld. Other subjects include the Astral Planes, Organ Memory Syndrome, Occult Symbolism in the Harry Potter films, The Grimoire of Lucifer and Pacts with the Devil, The Baphomet Heads of the Knights Templar, the NAZI crusade in Tibet, Black Magicians of the Himilayas, Shambhala, the Spirits of Planets, Cosmic Astrology, Manhattan Project Scientists at Bohemian Grove, tantra sex magic, Eclipse Rituals of the Mayans, The Ephod Breastplate of Prophesy used by the Levite Hebrew cults, The Arabian Picatrix text, Summoning Demons from the Hierachy of Hell, Grimoires, the Goetia, Occult Rituals performed by European aristocrats and Royals in the Georgian and Edwardian eras, Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis rituals, The Ark of the Covenant, the Oracle Temples of ancient Greece and the symbolic architecture of Washington DC. This motion picture documentary exposes the highest secrets of Freemasonry, the Magical Rituals of the founders of the Mormon Church, Jesuit Alchemy, and how occultists and even members of the Royal Households of Europe have attempted Psychic communication with Beings on Other Planets. 

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