FIGHTING to END CHILD SLAVERY | We're a non-profit organization that fights modern day slavery through covert investigations

27 Million people without a voice


“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmond Burke

The Exodus Road exists to empower the rescue of victims of sexual slavery. Operating primarily in Southeast Asia, we believe that a major component of fighting human trafficking and child slavery lies in working with local law enforcement to find situations of trafficking and to then assist in the rescue of victims and the prosecution of criminals. By decreasing the profitability of the trafficking industry for the criminal, we will eventually slow the mechanisms that make the exploitation of women and children so lucrative.
The Exodus Road is not a single investigative organization, but rather it is a network of surveillance teams and individuals, committed to fight trafficking, one legal court case at a time. Currently, we are working with 15 operatives, representing seven different investigative organizations. Collectively, our team’s past experience has played a role in the rescue of over 600 victims and the prosecution of nearly 350 legal cases. Most are current or former police or military men. (You can read more about our numbers here.)
Our main focus at The Exodus Road is in connecting funds from the West with undercover surveillance and rescue operations in the East. With on-the-ground accountability in place, The Exodus Road stays connected to its operatives and learns of their needs for surveillance equipmentfunds for particular operations, orinvestigative training, and then we take those needs to the Western community through fundraising efforts like grant writing, public speaking, church events and social media venues. With our network on the ground to oversee projects, we are able to channel particular grants or funds for requested needs from our field officers. Our hope is to become the fuel of finances which empowers the noble men and women who are fighting for targeted interventions in some of the darkest places on earth.
Secondary goals of our organization are increasing awareness of the realities of human trafficking, inspiring the Western community to give generously on behalf of the modern day slave, and facilitating connections within the local intervention and investigative community. We have a team of bloggersartist advocates, andvolunteers who sacrificially work to that end.
We work in close partnerships with the local government and police force, as well as within the local NGO community. Many of our operatives are nationals and preference is given to nationally-run investigators and organizations.
You can also read more about our staff and how the coalition began. (Additional links and resources are located in the menu at the bottom of this page.)


The Exodus Road coalition has 15 contracted undercover investigators, as well as 5 support staff, including a Director of Operations on the ground in Asia.  Because of safety issues, we cannot reveal the identities or locations of our investigators but we can say that the majority are former military or police, with significant training and oftentimes years of experience in undercover surveillance. Our operatives come from a host of varying ethnic, religious, and professional backgrounds. Collectively, our team represents over 60 years of investigative experience.
For additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us.  You can also fund a missionbuy a covert camera for our investigators, or read about the true story of a victim of sexual slavery.
Note: For safety reasons, all information regarding specific operations and rescues will be edited. Names and locations will be changed, while maintaining the integrity of the story and investigative work. The Exodus Road is committed to honest, responsible communication regarding the organization, its funding efforts, and the work of its network of investigators.

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