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  1. Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation
    There is no Way to Stop Fukushima Radioactive Water Leaking into the Pacific

  2. Imagine your world, in peace and harmony – Whitecloud – Leanne Kerrison
    The time is now my friends, the time is now. For the love and creation of your new world. Envision how you want it to be. Imagine your world, in peace and harmony. Send these thoughts of love out into your world, for it is very powerful. Very effective to say the least. Allow these thoughts now to penetrate your every cell. Remember daily, this is your part to play now- to hold these thoughts of love and peace within your being. Within your heart. Certain parts of your world are unbalanced at this time, and need more of this energy of which we speak of.
    You may think, what difference could I possibily make ? But I tell you, my friends, I tell you, every little thought with emotion makes a big difference. If only you could see, how we see. If only you could see, the brightness of your lights, when these thoughts and emotions are transmitted into your world.
    For they are transmitted. Each and every one – plays a part in creating your world. Allow these thoughts to be automatic. Let these energies become you, so they shine out to others – brightly. These new thought patterns may take some getting used to for some, but remember, being aware of your own energies is important at this time.
    These energies hold the key to unlock your new age. It is as simple as that. You create what you think. we have spoken of this often, have we not…. But because you have the freedom of freewill, it is important to be reminded always – that you are LOVE. Become that emotion, become that thought, become that action. Sending these vibrations to all that need them. Think from your heart, speak from your heart, and as you do, you will bring those all important smiles to so many. So many my friends. So many.
    These messages of encouragement, come with great wisdom, great guidance for you all. For we know, what love can do. Love can conquer all. Love is the highest vibration of all. Love is the answer – always, now and forever.
    Send you LOVE outwards, imagine the white Dove, taking flight from the palm of your outstretched hands. See it flying high, spreading it wings, knowing and trusting, it is bringing Peace to wherever it needs to go.
    You see, we love you all unconditionally and completely. – whitecloud.