The Positive Money Proposal – Plan for Monetary Reform

The Positive Money Proposal – Plan for Monetary Reform

Sat, 6th Apr 2013
by Positive Money

@Apollo Solaris

I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS



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  1. Real Currencies Supporting People and the Commonwealth and resisting the Money Power by defeating Usury

    This is a path for humanity to win emancipation in less than a year. It’s essential to understand that the choice is
    between fear and love. Simply by believing and loving ourselves; then ISSUING our own money we will win quickly! READ MORE
    Surrender to the Infinite
    Letting go of what you think you need in order to become who you really are
    Letting go of the NEED FOR MONEY
    After reading The Moneyless Manifesto by MARK BOYLE (aka the Moneyless Man) I have become more and more convinced that learning to live free of the burden of money is a goal worth pursuing.
    I’m far from actually achieving it but here are my thoughts so far.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who think money is bad. To the contrary, money is an excellent invention that allows us to trade more freely and efficiently. However I’ve found that the more I have to rely on money as my only means of trade the more tied I am to an economic system that I take serious issue with.READ MORE

  2. JPMorgan closing accounts of foreign diplomats in U.S.: FT – ACHTUNG – JPMorgan Schließung von Konten ausländischer Diplomaten in den US
    A sign outside the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase & Co in New York, September 19, 2013.
    Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar

    (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) is closing the accounts of current and former foreign government officials in an attempt to avoid the compliance costs associated with them, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. READ MORE