Malaysian Airlines MH17: Another “False Flag Operation” by the US-NATO-Israel War Cabal?


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  1. Wednesday, January 7, 2015
    Paris “Charlie Hebdo” attack”: another Zionist false flag? Just one month ago, France set off a stampede when its lower house voted to recognize Palestine. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.

    Suddenly “Islamic terror strikes France.” Is Paris being punished for its pro-Palestine vote?
    In late 2013, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. A few months later, Malaysian planes started falling out of the sky.
    In 2011, Norway’s Labor Party’s youth wing was poised to impose a complete blockade on Israel. Suddenly the entire leadership of the Party’s youth wing was slaughtered in a professional operation falsely attributed to a lone nut, Anders Breivik.
    NoLiesRadio produce Allan Rees writes: LINK
    DE SCHOKKENDE WAARHEID The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought © 8/1 9 HUGE GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACIES That Actually Happened We all know the conspiracy theories – the government’s plan for 911, the second gunman who shot JFK, the evolution of the elite from a race of blood-drinking, SHAPE-SHIFTING LIZARDS.

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  2. Bob Moran is a multi-award winning British illustrator and cartoonist. His work deals with themes of politics, ethics and family. He uses emotion to convey important messages, defend moral principles and to invite people to reflect on what really matters in life. Between 2011 and 2021, Bob was political cartoonist for The Daily Telegraph. During this time, he established himself as one of the most revered and popular satirists in the UK. His beautiful artwork and cutting commentary has brought him international acclaim and numerous awards, from organisations such as The Foreign Press Association and The Cartoon Arts Trust.

    In 2020, as the Coronavirus crisis unfolded, Bob adopted a position of staunch opposition to all government measures and restrictions. He believed what was happening was immoral, unlawful and unnecessary. Through his cartoons, he asked people to contemplate the inevitable consequences of how governments around the world were behaving. In particular, he tried to highlight the horrific impact on children and the future society being created for them.

    In January 2022 Bob began working for The Democracy Fund, a Canadian charity that defends and promotes civil liberties and constitutional rights. This gave Bob the creative freedom he needed and he hopes his artwork can reach as many people as possible, in as many countries as possible. Bob produces three artworks a week that are available to download, free of charge, to any newspaper, magazine or online publication anywhere in the world.

    During a very dark period for humanity, Bob seeks to create powerful imagery that brings hope and reassurance to the oppressed, in defiance of their oppressors. At a time when so many appear to have forgotten the things that give life meaning, he is determined to help them remember.

    Apollo Solaris januari 10, 2015 om 6:26 am ( This blog) Drawing about Jews…..

    Ye Cancel List as of 10/26/22

    -Concert at Sofi Stadium cancelled
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    The DS matrix is literally proving Ye’s points in real time. ‘Anti-Semitic’ has become cheapened label like the word ‘racist’ — hijacked & used by Khazarian-pretending-to-be-Jews.

    The Beta Israel

    Ye may not be able to express himself properly

  3. In the latest episode of WestWingWorld, avatar pedo joe flies Zelensky in to collect the holiday bread in person – making it a total sum of over $100 billion in fake fiat DS money.

    Zelensky rocks the Ukrainian Nazi logo on his sweatshirt for the 4th day of Hanukkah — assuring that there’s no misunderstanding on what team he’s playing for.

    Inside the captured White House, a 2-horned wreath hangs with a side of an AMERICAN Flag, underneath it with a POW flag. Season finale is coming up! 🍿👀🍿

    Zelensky to tell Biden, Congress current funding for war effort not good enough

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