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  1. 2012 DNA CHANGES – Secrets of Carbon 7 From Beast to LIGHT BODY THE EARTH’S CRUST The changes to the earth have begun; this is going to be slow in the beginning then a sudden turn. This is all that we can inform you right now, do not be alarmed.

    MIND-BLOWING NEW DISCOVERY, EVIDENCE & MAJOR QUAKE WARNING COULD VALIDATE GCM 4/5D DIMENSIONAL TIME-SHIFT THEORY & MORE… 6 Ik, 5 Chen, 9 Caban Gaia is busy as well with her numerous alterations. The seabed is rising. The globe’s climate is fluctuating. The continents are shifting and rumbling. A NEW EARTH IS READYING TO BE BORN.

    Earthquakes and THE SOLAR SYSTEM
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  2. Welcome to the dream of Eotopia!
    We are a group of young and committed world citizens looking for a place to create a vegan eco-village based on a gift economy and to develop our own way of living simply and in harmony with all that is. On this website, you will find all sorts of information about what we want to do, how, where and how you can join us!

    ​ So if you feel like this dream is also yours, please feel free to contact us and/or fill in the form in the section JOIN!

    Scientists are making advances in the use of satellite radar data – such as those from the Sentinel-1 mission – to monitor Earth’s changing surface.
    Italy’s Phlegraean Fields – or Campi Flegrei – is a large, active volcanic area near the city of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, characterised by continuous ground deformations owing to its volcanic nature.

    “In 2012, deformation rates up to 3 cm a month prompted the Italian Civil Protection Department to move from the base (green) alert level of the Campi Flegrei Emergency Plan to the attention (yellow) level,” said Sven Borgstrom from Italy’s National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology.READ MORE