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  1. This info is the cat’s pajmaas! LINK LINK

    Geheimen van de Illuminati (video’s) Spirit World | The Alien Kabbalah
    Spirit World 2 The Alien Kabbalah with Chris Everard (Enigma.TV) 1/5 LINK
    Documentary directed by CHRIS EVERARD. It includes a BONUS DISC with director interviews discussing ritual swords, magical ceremonies, druidism, baphomets and an on-screen tribute to American film director stanley kubrick. SPIRITWORLD Vol.2: THE ALIEN KABBALAH explains how for several decades, occult groups have used ceremonial magic and hallucinogens to foster trance-states and telepathically connect with beings in other parts of the cosmos.LINK

  2. Enslavement of Satanism – Only One Way Out!
    By Sherry Shriner
    I don’t pity the wicked. They made their beds and I’ve been trying to warn them and wake them up for years…but for many of them it’s not to late to turn from their wicked ways, repent, and seek Yahushua’s salvation.
    They know I’m legit. They know I am who and what I say I am. I’ve been under 24/7 surveillance by many different alien factions (since I was born) and federal agencies for the past 12 years that I know of, perhaps longer than that. I have heard my file with the NSA is 7 volumes, with the CIA it’s 3 inches, and who knows or cares about these or others. I certainly don’t lose any sleep at night thinking about them or what they’re trying to do to me I leave it in Yahuah’s hands and get my work done.
    And they know this. They know I’m safe and extremely protected by the Most High Himself. I have sources that are astounded I’m still alive. There have been many plans, plots, and countless assassination attempts against me. They know it, I know it, and I could care less…I outrank them all.
    What gets tiring to me is that Satan’s minions on earth want people to think that they’re special because they’re rich and born into serpent seedlines. That’s pretty nasty to me, not something to be proud of.
    These Illuminati serpent seedline families don’t even know what it really means to be alive. They have been controlled puppets and slaves, tormented, tortured and abused from the time they were born and it continues throughout their whole lives.
    They call themselves the Elite. But let’s break it down on what it means to be one of these Elite. From the time you are born as a Rothschild, Rockefeller, Royal family, Bush, or one of the others you are carefully crafted and controlled into a very tight Satanic community. As a toddler your sexually abused repeatedly so your brain splits and fragments into many different alter personalities becoming MPD/DID. These alters are then programmed to act in a certain way. No matter what your other alters are one is always permanent, and that’s a sexual alter, one that is created and used to be used as a sex slave to others in their community.
    As a child they’re taught to kill animals and even other children. They’re starved, beaten, tortured, and tormented so they can control your brain, thoughts, beliefs, and how you view yourself, the world, and those around you.
    They are forced to participate in satanic ritual ceremonies of animal and human sacrifices, drinking blood, eating human flesh and organs, eating feces and drinking urine. As a child most of them have probably witnessed and even been the victim of beastiality. They learn weakness such as compassion (what they consider weakness) can get them killed, and so they brave through everything that’s thrown at them just to survive. Their parents aren’t a loving mom and dad, but the puppet masters who pimp them out to scientists, underground bases, and for sexual favors to others…and yet they grow up in love with their abusers, and to go along to get along and survive…and most importantly…how to keep their mouths shut.
    Satan is their god. They know him well from a very young age. They learn they must please him or ‘else.’ To them he’s the ultimate provider and giver as long as they do what they’re told, perform the rituals, and make him happy.
    This is the world they grow up in and live in. And when they have children it’s repeated for them as well. That’s why they’re called generational satanists.
    And not all occultists who are involved with satanism and the occult are from the Illuminati families, but families outside the 13 illuminati lines, but still considered to be serpent seedline, or children of Cain’s. In Washington it’s not who you know that gets you a job, but what bloodline you’re from.
    Today many men and women get initiated or are lured into Satanism and what they call “the Brotherhood” to gain positions, social status, and wealth. To climb the ranks of success they are persuaded, bribed and treated like V.I.P.’s to lure them into joining the Brotherhood via private jets, luxury hotels, free vacations, shopping sprees, fancy cars, and in general the best of the best of everything. Celebrities, music stars, sport stars, religious figures, politicians, corporate CEOs, team owners of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, are all prime targets for initiation. And many of them give in and become initiated due to the promises of greater wealth, fame, and/or even greater success.
    I’ve talked to many Hollywood and political insiders over the years and have watched many of these Satanists over the years and the one thing I can tell you is that they are NOT happy. Once you are initiated the fake imagery, attention, lies, bribes and lures fade quickly away. Yet they put on the ‘happy face’ to entice and recruit others to join and hide their real disgust of having to be involved with much more than they realized or were told about during the recruitment phase. They end up having to live the lie (that Satanism is great and will give them everything they want) because they know it’s all a lie and they have sold their souls to Satan and there’s no way out but death. The truth is, they have to work very hard to get crumbs from Satan’s table…they have to prove themselves constantly by attending the constant rituals and publicly promote him just to keep the wealth they already had before they joined How much success and wealth they get after they join is determined on their faithfulness and service to Satan. Which is always much more demanding then they thought it would be.
    You can never do enough for Satan. If you joined the Brotherhood or whatever occult group you’re in, you know this very well. You can never have enough sacrifices, eat enough poop, drink enough urine, eat enough humans, drink enough of their blood, or have enough orgies and sexual rituals with humans or animals. He’s always pushing for more, more, and more. Especially if you’re involved with higher up Satanic groups that include the offspring of the Illuminati families..they don’t sacrifice animals, they prefer babies.
    And they never sleep. When most people are sleeping, they’re having rituals or travelling. They travel ALOT. They do rituals with people all over the world in various countries and states. They also have to plan and implement a lot of mayhem that will cause death or suffering because as a servant, soldier, or minister of Satan’s, or whatever they refer to themselves as, they have to have a ministry to him. Satan mocks and mimics not only everything the Most High has or does, but the churches as well. Also, depending on the works you accomplish for Satan determines your status and rank within their organizations and groups or cultic group and not only on the inside, but on the outside (job/career) as well.
    So what types of works do they perform?
    -creating and operating child and adult sex slave rings
    -pornography – creation of videos, movies, websites, lure, defile, and destroy those who are lured into watching it and becoming obsessed with it.
    -pedophilia – creation of videos, movies, websites etc..obtaining children to be used and abused (Walt Disney kids, child actors, prime targets).
    -snuff films (pornographic children films where one of them is then killed at the end)
    -drug trafficking
    -abductions/kidnappings for sacrifices (thousands of children and adults are needed every year for the various groups)
    -promotion of homosexuality, sexual perversions, abortion, and any other ungodly thing that destroys the foundation of the family or the murder of innocents.
    -food contamination resulting in recalls, cancers, and deaths (the media blames it on ecoli or whatever reason but they are well planned and orchestrated). Also the purposeful poisoning of our food and soft drinks via fast food restaurants, soda pop companies, food processing manufacturers, etc..
    -senseless killings (how random do you really think murder/suicides are? They can control people via chip implants and coerce them into killing their wives, children, school students, or other people at random or in general). Many of these are orchestrated in our federal agencies and then a pawn is found to fulfill it…they have ‘eyes’ everywhere, even in your community where they find people to be selected to become ‘murderers.”
    -random acts of violence
    -planting cancer causing agents in our food, water, air, or into things we put on our skin such as makeup, deodorant, soaps, washing powders etc..
    -vaccines (putting harmful chemicals and chips into vaccines that cause damage to human dna and causes cancers, tumors, and develop diseases in these children as they become adults or the reaction can be so instant it will affect them as children immediately.
    -Pharmaceutical drugs – disguised to help people many of the anti-depressants harm them instead and can lead into mental illnesses and demonic oppression/possession which makes them ‘numb’ to everything.
    They have everything covered and never stop thinking of creating new ways to cause cancers, health problems, change your dna via chemicals and poisonings, and death. Also ways to destroy people via drugs, sexual perversions, abductions for sacrifices, senseless killings and it goes on and on.
    And of course the owners of these companies/corporations, CEOs, Board of Directors etc.. and those directly involved get ‘points’ as well for helping operate, implement and establish products or services that cause harm and death to people. That’s why you will often see known satanists on corporate boards etc..and always the same ones involved with everything. At least by now you’ll have a pretty good idea in being able to recognize who and where they are.
    Another huge area is in education and ‘Think Tanks’ where public policies are created. This is where they create ways to implement Satan’s agenda on earth and then forward them to Congress to adopt via legislation or the president via unconstitutional and illegal Executive Orders. Almost all the ‘big dog’ satanists are involved with Think Tanks as well as secret society organizations such as the CFR or Trilateral Commission and a myriad of the other ones such as Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Knights Templar, Eastern Star etc..
    But if you think it’s a fancy jet setting, luxury and privileged type of life to have, it will quickly make you realize it’s not worth it once you’re involved. One of the things I always hear about is the constant harassment of demons they suffer as a result of being initiated into Satanism. They hear audible voices, almost like schizophrenia but I imagine much worse since they’re are many demons that inhabit the person. The voices will yell and scream at them telling them things to do, or demand the person praise them or blaspheme God. I have been told by those who suffer with this that the only way to silence the voices is to drink alcohol which is why many of them have drinking problems and end up becoming alcoholics.
    Why do they stay in it? Because they are forced to…do it or die. Once the recruitment phase is over and you are initiated into the Brotherhood, there’s no getting out. However many of them wouldn’t leave anyway because they don’t want to lose the wealth and status they’ve obtained and if they left their fortunes would be stolen and lost (and no one would help them the legal systems protect the Satanists). If they were to leave to ‘follow Jesus i.e. Yahushua” they would be killed. As far as Satan is concerned there is no greater disloyalty, shame, or blasphemy to him than to leave him to become a follower of Yahushua.
    One Way Out
    Time is winding down for this NWO cabal and the families that have implemented it and controlled it worldwide. And those who are involved and initiated into it via directly or indirectly through secret societies, groups, and organizations. Many are in denial, but the writing is on the wall. They have been led to believe that they are special and protected by Satan himself. They are going to find out real soon how little he really thinks of them.
    Satan hates humans. He doesn’t care how much of his blood in them they have, what they’ve done for him, how hard they have worked for him or how loyal to him they have been. It will never be enough because at the end of the day, they are still human and made in the image of God.
    And when he successfully uses the Galactic Federation or whatever name they use to take over the world, he will attempt to kill and murder ALL humans, eliminating them off this planet completely. And what about the Queen? The matriarch of the NWO and the Rothschilds, and all the other top ranking families? He will kill them to. The entire cabal will be wiped out and eliminated while the new regime takes over earth. How is that for all your wasted time and effort Satanists?? You were used…puppets on a string…useful idiots to be used until no longer needed.
    And those who think they took the safe route by working for both agendas? The same fate awaits them to.
    It is not to late right now for any of them to repent of their deeds, renounce Satan, and accept Yahushua’s salvation ( ) Whether they are directly or indirectly involved with the Illuminati or initiated into Satanism, Freemasonry or any one of their many groups and organizations…the door is still open but that time is closing fast.
    Yahushua has told me that many of them are relying on ‘death bed confessions’ to escape Hell. Yes they all know Hell exists and that that’s where they’re going for serving Satan. They dread death and fear it very much despite the outward appearance of boldness they display to others while they live for Satan.
    Many of them are relying on the “thief on the cross” story (yes they know the Bible better than most Christians) where Yahushua granted eternal life in heaven with Him as they were about to die on the cross. What they don’t realize is the reason WHY Yahushua did it…because the thief humbled himself to Yahushua and was truly repentant for the wrong things he had done and acknowledged the righteousness of Yahushua. It was because of the intent of his heart, his sincerity, and belief in Yahushua that saved him. Yahushua is the ultimate judge, and he knows what the intent of a person is and has told me that for those relying on death bed confessions simply to escape Hell, He would not honor them.
    The time is NOW to show real sincerity in turning away from evil and renounce Satan and the works of darkness while they are alive and can prove they are sincere in their repentance and love for Yahushua. And to those reading or hearing this who are satanists, is your greed greater or more important than your soul? Is it really worth it to gain the world and lose your soul? You can be forgiven if you seek Him. But you must seek Him before He closes the Door! Seek Him now don’t wait!
    The blood of Yahushua can break all contracts, oaths and agreements you have made with Lucifer.
    He does not and cannot own your soul until your physical death. No matter how much he tries to lie and trick you that he does.
    If you have made contracts, oaths, and/or agreements with Lucifer you can renounce him and your affiliation with him.
    Say this prayer to the Most High God:
    Dear Heavenly Father the Most High,
    I acknowledge and accept your gift of redemption, your salvation through Yahushua your Son.
    I renounce my involvement with Lucifer, I ask that the blood of Yahushua will break my oaths, contracts, agreements, bribes, and participation with him. I renounce any and all involvement I have had with Satan, and I ask forgiveness for the wicked things that I have done against you and others and your creation. And I ask to be delivered from evil and Satan’s control over me.
    Forgive me Father. I truly am repentant and I proclaim you as my Saviour and I renounce my former loyalty to Lucifer to now become a child of yours and a daughter/son of yours.
    Heal me and cleanse me of evil. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and use the fire and cleansing of your Holy Spirit to burn out all evil beings and anything not of you from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and fill all the empty places with your Holy Spirit. Lead me into and teach me your ways, the Most High.
    Father I ask you for your peace and joy. Thank you for saving me, for writing my name in your book of Life.
    In Yahushua’s Name, Amen.
    Now Seek HIM..with all Your HEART, MIND, SOUL and STRENGTH. You don’t “try” build a relationship with HIM.

  3. Illuminati Celebrity Satanism Exposed!! 2015 [Full Documentary] . . . I think it’s time we look at this aspect of the DARK! ~J LINK The symbols of darkness marketed into millions of homes LINK

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  4. Ye sold your souls to the DEVIL. He just resigned. I guess You have a fucking problem.

    Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs PDF LINK to website.

    This is the man who allowed a “plane” aka .. missile to strike the pentagon which killed many Americans…..LINK
    “GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE”
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  5. 1947 Rockefeller Patent Shows Origins Of Zika Virus: And What About Those Genetically Modified Mosquitoes?
    Posted: 07 Feb 2016 08:24 AM PST Source – Collective Evolution By Arjun Walia

    As you’ve probably already heard, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently made an announcement declaring the Zika virus to be a global health emergency. They did so without providing much detail about the disease, however, so here is some more information and answers to questions many people are asking, such as: Where did it come from? And do the millions of genetically modified mosquitoes that have been released in these areas have anything to do with it?
    First of all, this sexually-transmitted virus has been around for approximately 70 years, and is actually marketed by two companies, but before we get to that, let’s find out who owns the patent on the virus. It’s the Rockefeller Foundation.
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    Mark Passio: De-Mystifying The Occult Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult

    Posted: 05 Feb 2016 07:56 PM PST Here is Part 1 by Mark Passio
    Source – What On Earth Is Happening
    Mark’s upcoming seminar: De-Mystifying The Occult Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult will be hosted by Arthur Capozzi of Pattern Recognition Time on Febraury 6, 2016, from 12:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia, 1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103. The seminar will be opened by Free Your Mind conference speaker Jay Parker. $20-$40 cash donation at the door.
    Seminar description:
    What IS Satanism? What IS Dark Occultism? How are they employed to control us? How can we defend ourselves against their methods of manipulation? In this seminar, Mark will discuss what Satanism REALLY is, versus what most people BELIEVE it to be. He will outline the basic ideology of Satanism, which is running our society and ruling the entire world. Mark will explain the psychological mindset of Satanism’s adherents, which is such an integral part of the continuation of human slavery. Delve into the knowledge of how this Old Religion works to strengthen yourself against it’s unholy influence.
    Source: LINK WEBSITE


    There’s a reason why children are taken from their homes and families at an early age and placed into institutions where their parents can’t watch over them: social engineering, or it’s more frank appellation, mind control.
    As Bruce Lipton and several other researchers have demonstrated, the formative years of human life, from birth to age 6, is the time when our behavioral patterns, attitudes, and worldviews are being created. This process continues until completion at age 12, when the Neocortex of the brain forms in earnest, further entrenching the previous years programming. By the time a young person leaves primary school at age 18, or high school as it is called in the United States, the mind has been so well indoctrinated that thinking outside the box is almost impossible. READ MORE
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