CCHR: THE STAMP—Psychiatric Labels Fuel $80 Billion Drug Industry | 120 million people are taking psychiatric drugs- here’s why

CCHR: THE STAMP—Psychiatric Labels Fuel $80 Billion Drug


CCHR: Ron Paul’s bill—The Parental Consent Act 2011

120 million people are taking psychiatric drugs- here’s why: Psychiatric drugs can only be prescribed for a psychiatric LABEL—mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, ADD, Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder are not diseases discovered in labs, they are invented in committee by a show of hands of the American Psychiatric Association. And it is these labels, this practice of pathologizing behaviors into “diseases” that are literally voted into existence by the American Psychiatric Association, that fuel the $80 billion dollar psychiatric drug industry that puts profit over patient’s lives.
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  1. University of BC Doctors Expose Vaccination Cover-up: Official Documents Released From The UK LINK

    De gezondheid en het welbevinden van de Nederlander holt achteruit. Meer dan de helft van ons heeft te kampen met overgewicht, leidt een chronische ziekte en meer dan 1 miljoen Nederlanders slikt dagelijks antidepressiva. LINK

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  3. 7 False Claims About Cancer by the Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment
    MARCH 5, 2016 / CULTURE OF AWARENESS By Paul A. Philips, Natural Blaze, Thanks to Conscious Life News

    False claim 1 – The idea that cancer is a disease of the modern Western world is overplayed
    Cancer has been known since ancient times. However, it has gone from a rare disease, as it was during the turn of the 1900s, to a rising global epidemic in modern times. The cancer establishment gives the impression that its true causes are unknown and plays down the idea that it is a disease of the modern Western world.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Well-documented evidence has been produced to show that cancer causes have been known for years. In recent decades, there have been a growing onslaught of DNA-changing carcinogenic circumstances.
    Examples include rising numbers of: food chemicals; water and air pollutants; vaccinations; GMOs and medications.
    It practically ignores the findings that isolated indigenous tribes such as the Hunsas, Karakorum or Azerbaijanis had been virtually cancer free, with evidence strongly suggesting that this was because the spoils of the Western world had been absent.
    False claim 2 – The medical/pharmaceutical approach is the only real way to treat cancer READ MORE