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  1. 9 years ago in Russia, Zelensky performed at the main annual new years event.

    In the circus, actors play different roles, from comedian to President, from friend to foe. I guess we’re living in a low budget production! Unless it’s about purchasing weapons, then there’s endless amounts of cash!🤮



    Worth watching if you want to understand the roots of the Ukrainian conflict in a nutshell.
    (5 mins)


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  2. 7 Essential Mindset Shifts Of Higher Self Leaders

    Higher Self Leaders will be at the forefront of creating mindset shifts for themselves, their teams and their followers. This is because there are certain ingredients that higher self leaders add to the mix. Some of those ingredients include using their intuition, unity consciousness and ability to inspire.

    They are self-aware and understand their emotional landscape. Using those ingredients effectively means operating at a level that most leaders aspire to.

    Quantum science is now proving what most people believed was impossible to be true, based on scientific evidence. Very briefly and simply, this means:

    The universe is made up of pure energy.
    We are all interconnected and part of that energy.
    Energy is invisible, but what we pay attention to, believe and think becomes our reality because we filter other information and conflicting energy out of our experience.
    Every observer will create a different reality depending on their mindset.
    Higher self leaders understand the unlimited possibilities available to them because of this.

    When you realise there are infinite possibilities, there is really only one shift to be made. But it is as rare as St. Paul’s “Road to Damascus” moment for the majority of us to make such a huge shift all at once. It takes time for most of us to let go of old and outworn beliefs and thoughts and make mindset shifts which represent higher self thinking.
    Mindset Shifts

    For higher self leaders, the following seven mindset shifts are those which will revolutionise the workplace. Shifting their attention from:
    1. Sickness to Well-being

    Higher self leaders concentrate and invest in physical, emotional and mental wellness. They will measure wellness and their activities will be centred around being well. Wellness and set targets around well-being are celebrated. They know that focusing attention and energy upon absence and sickness simply creates more of the same.
    2. Scarcity to Abundance

    Instead of cutting costs or settling for second best or laying off employees for example; they develop possibilities of generating ways to grow and increase wealth. They are generous and don’t allow fear or guilt about finances to be the decision-maker. They realise wealth isn’t all about money. It is about an abundant mindset.
    3. Limited to Unlimited

    There are no right or wrong decisions or beliefs. Each decision or belief simply works or doesn’t work. This is true for individuals as well as organisations. Moving from limiting beliefs and thinking can at first prove overwhelming when we realise there are infinite possibilities or paths to traverse. Higher self leaders listen to their intuition and dare to believe what they truly desire can be achieved.
    4. Powerlessness to Power

    Higher self leaders will empower themselves, believing in their ability to create, and change their current reality. They accept their current reality without resisting or wishing away what is. They have faith and patience that with the right mindset, they can make positive changes.
    5. Competition to Excellence

    They let go of the need to compare and compete with others, whether personally or in business. Instead, they concentrate on only doing the best they can. They understand there is a niche for everyone and a contribution for everyone to make. They will focus on doing their best, not coming first.
    6. Profit to Contribution

    It matters not about the size of the contribution as long as it is authentic and borne of a desire to make a difference. Higher self leaders will shift from how much profit to how much of a contribution they make. It is the energy of contribution in the context of meeting a real need which is paramount. When they concentrate on contribution and make it a rule to always go the extra mile, that energy will bring abundance.
    7. Management to Relationship

    Higher self leaders know cultivating relationships with all in their team, not management is the way to achieve real and lasting results. They are conscious of employee experience and make real efforts to make life good for their people. Relationships built on mutual understanding, equal responsibilities, and shared ownership principles are key. They understand there is a mutual give and take.

    So there are some of the mindset shifts higher self leaders operate under. What are yours?

    To find out more about Higher Self Leadership, visit me here at People Development Magazine.

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