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THIS MONTH his month we have our Dark Moon phase in Virgo before the New Moon in Libra on 5th October.
Virgo is the feminine mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury the psychopomp and messenger of the gods and goddesses. Virgo struggles against chaos, striving for purity and order in form and feeling. As we move into our red tent this month we are being asked to consider where chaos is in our lives and how we can create order from it.
As I write this, the one-eyed Raven has decided to visit again and watch me through the window. What is this bird’s message?
Ravens are often disliked in contemporary times, perhaps because they are jet black and birds of carrion. My grandmother taught me to love birds and always told me that the raven played an important role in the care of the forest floor and even in keeping our roadsides clean. For years now they have appeared at my window at odd times but always at eclipses…interesting aside there!
Well the Raven arrived as I started typing so there must be a message here for us. I looked into it and found that they fit well with the Virgo imagery too …being able to discriminate between the useful and the pointless, the healthy and the unhealthy and the valuable and the damaging. In mythologies of various cultures they are angels of death, spirits of the lunar sphere of death and rebirth, the initiated one who takes us to the first stage of mystical learning which is the sphere of the moon: an appropriate messenger for the Dark Moon phase of our cycle. So a raven is a soul bird in connection with both spheres, the earthly and the heavenly. In Ancient Greece, the raven was sacred to Asclepius, the god of healing.
So watch and listen for ravens during this coming dark moon time, perhaps they are bringing you a message from the other side, preparing you for initiation into the next sacred cycle of your life. Look to where Virgo is in your own birth chart for your contemplation.
Certainly with the Dark Moon in Virgo we are being asked to spend some quiet time contemplating the past cycle, looking closely at what no longer serves us, cleaning our homes and clearing our minds of turmoil, expelling the dust and detritus of the past so that what is essential can be seen and appreciated. Whether you are in the southern or northern hemisphere this is a good time to prepare the earth for the next season. So contemplate your garden and the garden of your soul. Are you harvesting or planting seeds, or nurturing what has been sown? Are you taking time to feed the birds or to connect deeply with the natural environment?
True Black Moon Lilith is at 1* Cancer for the auguring of the Dark Moon, and in retrograde motion. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “ a man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below”. This means that he has a bird’s eye view! Maybe a raven’s view. Marc Edmund Jones gives the key word for this degree as contemplation, perfect!
If you could visualise yourself on a magic carpet or wrapped in the raven’s wings what would you see from above? With such a greater perspective how would you view your life at the moment? Imagining a birds eye view is an interesting exercise, but also imagine that from that height we can see both time and space…we can see how and why we came to be where we are today and how we came to have our friends and family and possessions and belongings and all that makes our little worlds. Perhaps if we soar even higher we can see what might be ahead of us.
Now the raven has moved from my window to the bird-bath and is bathing and playing and grooming itself. The bird bath was made especially for me and is colourful mosaic with a pentacle in the bowl….something very magical is happening here today. Lilith has come to me as the Raven….
From this higher perspective we are not in body but in the realm of the imaginal and the soul, in a place of inspiration. So breathe in and out and let go, look with the Virgo eye at what is important and what needs cleansing from your life….take this time to feel free and fly with birds…take flights of fancy and enjoy. Enjoy the letting go, it doesn’t have to be so hard. But remember that at the end of this sacred time we must come back down to the earthly sphere, back to our bodies, lighter and freer, renewed.
Take a ritual bath as the Raven has just suggested. Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer so go to that bath as an honouring of the womb, the birthing place, light candles, use oils and indulge your senses in water…scrub and slough off the old skin, you are about to be reborn into the next new Moon cycle.
Over the cycle from dark to dark, Lilith journeys from 1* Cancer back to 26* Gemini at the New Moon and on to 27* Cancer at full and back to 2* Cancer at the dark. The Sabian symbol for this dark moon phase degree is a “young gypsy emerging from the woods, gazes at far cities”…hhmm interesting, perhaps this dark Moon is a good time to go out into the forest, to connect deeply with nature so that we can emerge and gaze upon the far cities and look more realistically at what we have collectively created.
After the dark and new moons, Lilith moves quickly all the way to 27* Cancer at the time of the full moon eclipse. She squares the eclipse point urging us to look at what we haven’t learnt to let go of, what we are still to shed. This point for the eclipse is “an Indian girl introduces her college boyfriend to her assembled tribe”. Perhaps this is about tolerance and broadening our beliefs and views, recognising that other cultures have much to offer, that our lives can be expanded by welcoming others. We need to bring ourselves and our communities into a more earth based understanding, we need to consciously create an earth-based cosmology so that we can truly nurture mother Earth and all her creatures.
At the next dark Moon Lilith is at 2* Cancer. In her oscillations between direct and retrograde she takes us back again and again to places we have been before, urging us to make the shift. We have been here before but have we the courage yet to let go and create a new story?
Mean Black Moon Lilith is at 12* Cancer at dark Moon : “a hand, which is held out receptively, is remarkable for the suggestion of character in its prominent thumb” . Extend your hand of friendship to the others in your life and community. Mean Black Moon Lilith is forming a grand cross with Pluto, Uranus and the Sun. Collectively we are still caught in this rigid structure that ultimately has exiled us from true reverence and connection with the rhythms and cycles of life and nature. Only through breaking free from this paradigm can we move into the new era. Black Moon Lilith, the shadow of the moon, challenges us to find the strong feminine in the solar and the softer masculine in the lunar. She faces Pluto and reaches out to Uranus and the Sun, challenging these powerful masculine archetypes to embrace the feminine within, to overturn the old order and move towards the new paradigm….it is waiting there to receive us. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces trine mean Black Moon Lilith for this moon cycle….we must return from exile and co-create a new vision. Imagine all of this in your red tent and emerge with your arms and hearts open.

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I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


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    Love & Light ~Apollo