Online Africa | Tracking Internet Progress

At its simplest, oAfrica is a showcase of the dynamic African digital landscape. Although every African citizen may not have the chance to access the Internet for years to come, African digital opportunities are rapidly expanding.
Our site covers information on how people in each African country are using the Internet – a daunting task. We routinely post news summaries, analyze data, and scour social media channels to find the latest information. It is important to stress how two African nations can rarely implement the same methods to foster sustainable online growth. The reason: a tangled web of political ideologies, economic barriers, and geographic constraints necessitate unique approaches for development. In order to achieve success, a nation needs to encourage key spheres to converge, notably technology infrastructure, business environment, social values, and government vision must align. The word “Africa” is often used to reference the continent and macroscopic trends, but we take care to not group individual nations with the rest of the continent.

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